Paragliding – Nepal can be understood as the best paragliding Venue after Switzerland. The climate & geographic Similarities between the two countries have made it sound more relevant. Encouragingly, Pokhara has been nominated as the fifth Best location to Paraglide in the world. In the context when Paragliding is being seen as key product by entrepreneurs.
Paragliding History is not very long. The first and only Registered Paragliding company in Nepal is Sun Rise Paragliding based in Pokhara was established in 200 AD with the help of Adam Hill, a British National and a Paragliding Pilot.
Paragliding can be a perfect alternative Adventure sport in Nepal. Geographically and climatically. Paragliding in Nepal is the dream of every adventure seeker. Relatively a new adventure sport in Nepal, it is highly liked among the lovers of adventure. Soaring high in the air above the snow-carpeted mountains is an exhilirating experience. You view some of the best scenes on the earth, from the sky. You share space with the creatures of the air, soaking in the wonderful view of the marvellous Himalayan ranges. We are sure, the feeling you would experience, would be incomparable.

Fast Facts
Nature of the Sport: Weather Dependent
Flying Season In Nepal: November to February
Best Months: November and December
Tree Line: 3,900 m above the sea level

» Nepal is a wonderful place for paragliding.
» Paragliding or powered paragliding is undertaken in Nepal mostly in Annapurna range, more specifically the Pokhara Valley.
» Paragliding in the Pokhara Valley gives munforgettable views of the world’s 8000m peaks.
» Several training schools in Nepal train people in paragliding.

Nepal’s landscape and climate make it a ever-luring destination for paragliding holidays. The tree line in Nepal is at an incredible 3900metre. There are no valley winds. Conditions are constant to great extent after the departure of monsoon. Most popular months among the paraglider fraternity are November, December and January. However, the adventure activity begins from early days of October and continues till May.

Falconry And Parahawking
Falconry and parahawking add more thrill to the adventure vacations. Parahawking is a not-so-long-ago launched art in which hunter birds are trained to fly with paragliders, guide them to thermals and even produce aerobatic activities. Eagles, vultures and kites are mostly used for the purpose. Black kites are much liked by the adventure seekers for they are very agile in flights and are able to out-manoeuvre even the most skilled paragliders.

Tandem Paragliding
The passenger is accompanied by a pilot in tandem flying. Both of them have seperate paragliding harness. Paragliding harnesses are manufactured keeping comfort and safety of the passengers in mind. The passenger just relaxes and soaks in the beautiful scenic view. He can also easily take the photographs.